Triathlon Magazine: Interview with Coach Gerry


Coach Gerry has been one of my favorite people and mentors for several years. I spent a summer photographing ocean swim shenanigans at Lifeguard Tower 26 in Santa Monica (the actual tower for which the club is named), and have enjoyed seeing my pictures used in various publications throughout the triathlon community. Here’s a cool interview Coach Gerry did with Triathlon Magazine that uses one of my photos:

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.41.11 AM


Are there specific ingredients for becoming a better triathlon swimmer?

Renowned swim coach Gerry Rodrigues, who has coached professional and age-group triathletes to swim PBs for over 30 years, says there are four ingredients required to get better at the triathlon swim. In episode 3 of his Be Race Ready podcast, he breaks these down and explains how you can get the most out of your weekly swim sessions by incorporating them.

According to Rodrigues, the four key ingredients for all triathletes are increased training volume, improved mechanics, proper prescription (type) or workouts and having a coach or being accountable to someone.

Read the rest here:


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