Learning to ride a bike as a kid was a process. I don’t remember much of the process (or otherwise repressed most of it). All that remains are grainy film strip images of rising over hills and coasting down with occasional falls and scraped knees. Thank goodness my parents didn’t let me quit.

By the time I was in 6th grade, I was convinced that I wanted to give a shot to becoming a professional BMX rider and spent my afternoons tackling steep driveways and learning tricks. But when I outgrew my kid’s bike and started riding on an adult one, I lost interest in the sport, finding the new world of gears and handbrakes too much to bother with.

However, with my shiny new road bike that I got especially for tri’s, I’ve picked it up again. At this point I’m only a few weeks into this stage of training, reteaching myself how to do things like balance and coast and take my hands off the handlebar one at a time. I’m getting better but sharp turns (and even not so sharp ones) are still a challenge.

But the rides are exhilarating, bringing back the same familiar sense of freedom and invincibility that got me hooked as a child. Eventually will come the clipless pedals and the aero bars and the ambidextrous handling but for now I’m still mesmerized by the sight of this city from a different vantage point and the new world that I’ve rolled into.

Before long, I plan on being back up to my old tricks. Popping wheelies and breezing down hills without a care in the world.


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