While certainly the easiest and most natural of activities, I would say that running is likely one of my weaker sports.

It’s still a toss up between running and cycling as to which is more difficult for me, but only because riding a bike is a new novelty. About three years ago I decided to “get serious” with running after a winter break jog with my family left me absolutely winded and exhausted after 3 miles. I spent the summer following one of the various “Couch-to-5K” programs and by the time school started in the Fall I could hold my own through a half hour workout.

That was a great Fall. I ran through the woods of central New Jersey, watching the leaves change from green to red and gold. Before long I was jogging under light flurries of early Winter snow. I still miss cold weather running. With no plows to clear my usual path, I took to the roads, traversing 3 miles of hilly campus and came into Spring with a fresh bout of injuries.

The last weeks of my senior year were spent in physical therapy sessions to alleviate what was described as “Runner’s Knee.” I completed the course of treatment and added more weight training sessions. I took up running again in the following summer after graduation. I made it just over 6 months before the injuries returned. That’s when I decided to try swimming.

I didn’t run regularly for a good year after trying swimming, which instantly agreed with me. Picking it back up again after so many setbacks was tough but so far the cross training has helped. I’ve gotten a better handle on how my body responds to workouts, and how to listen it, which is one of the most essential things for any athlete to learn.

Hoping I won’t need to stop this time around, but at least I know that I can come back.


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